I know I complain about…

I know I complain about parenting a lot. A LOT! So y'all might be forgiven for thinking that I don't actually like it. But I mostly air my complaints rather than my tender happy moments, because the downside of parenting feels still pretty under-represented to me, out in the wider world, which is all ooh, iddy-biddy-babies and gosh-how-adorable-are-they? It can get a bit much, you know? Especially when you are pulling the covers off the couch, again, to try to see if you can get that pee-smell out of them, because that smell, it is driving you crazy. (Potty training is still erratic in our household. This couch is definitely not going to survive the move, and I cannot wait to get rid of it. From Goodwill it came, and to Goodwill it shall return.)

That said -- this morning, I turned around to find Kavi offering me a big old fig leaf. It had fallen off of my fig tree, which has been struggling to survive, despite my watering and misting and turning it into the sun, and at first, I was all oh-no-not-another-leaf-falling, dammit.

But then she chirped very sweetly, "Happy mother's day, mama! I got you something! It's a leaf!"

And okay. She has no idea what mother's day is -- all she knows is that on all her tv shows this week, kids keep giving their mothers presents and saying happy mother's day. So she decided, unprompted, that she was going to do it too. How adorable is that? Aww...

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