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I posted this to the local mom mailing list, but reposting here, in case any other local Oak Park / River Forest / etc. folks are interested. I'm guessing if this happens, it'll mostly be women, but I'm open to men joining us too.

Hey. So I've figured out that while I would like to get into better shape, I suck at motivating to do classes, go to the gym, etc. And I can't afford a personal trainer at the moment -- I wish I could! I do use my Wii Fit, but that only does so much.

What I do like is playing team sports -- or at least, I remember liking it in high school. I think it's the competitive element that helps keep me motivated; also the team aspect of not wanting to let others down by not showing up. So I'm looking for suggestions on local sports that I could play this spring / summer? I don't mind paying a small fee for use of space or some such, but I don't want to spend a lot of money -- at least not until I know that I like it and will keep up with it. I am 5'0", 170 lbs., almost 39 years old, and totally out-of-shape, so please keep that in mind when making suggestions. :-) Basketball, for example, is unlikely to work well for me, unless the rest of the team doesn't mind my never being able to make a basket.

I'm also totally willing to help organize something -- tennis or soccer or frisbee in the park or some such? So drop me a line if you're interested in hearing more about team sport possibilities. I'll collect the info I get and send it along.

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  1. You’re so extroverted, I wonder if just walking with friends or playing with the kids would feel better for you. Also, there are “under the desk” bicycles which you could do while surfing/ writing.

  2. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    I like walking, and we go on some walks, but I’m wanting something more sweaty, I think. 🙂 Playing actively with the kids is somehow something I have a hard time motivating to do regularly.

  3. If you want more sweaty to walking you can add short bursts of jogging as fast as you are comfortable with, so that you’re still getting a lot of social time out of it. That’ll also get you in condition fastest I think. Part of my thought here is that if you’re the worst player on a team of ultimate frisbee, you may not get much exercise out of it. I’m also a big fan of putting music on and dancing to it, which kids usually are happy to join with.

    Always good to have lots of ideas in the toolbox, not to distract from ultimate or other team sports.

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