Anand has been having…

Anand has been having extra trouble sleeping lately, with much waking, crying, etc. Kevin and I are both half-asleep all the time as a result. Which is maybe why this bit of dialogue hit us so hard:

[Mary Anne is carrying Anand upstairs to try (once again) to persuade him to go to sleep]

MA [in tones of exhaustion and desperation]: Okay, everyone say goodnight to Anand.

Kavya: Night-night, Baby Anand.

Kevin [in tones of exasperation]: Good night, little monster.

Kavya [in tones of sweet reasonableness, as she climbs into her daddy's lap]: He's not a monster. He's a little baby. He didn't roar you.

And Kev and I just lost it. Because yes, we needed the reminder that he was just a little baby. But oh, Kavya, he did roar us. He did he did he did.

2 thoughts on “Anand has been having…”

  1. Out of the mouths of babes, literally. Oh Mary Anne, I’m sorry Anand isn’t sleeping better. I’m sure you’ve tried all the tricks, but swaddling, a cooler room, white noise (from a fan) and putting him to bed before he got overtired worked for Patrick when I was having sleep issues.

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