I may have a bit of free…

I may have a bit of free time while in Denver (she said, optimistically). I've only been there once before, and was in and out for a wedding. Anything I should be sure not to miss?

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  1. I was there for Denvention in 2008. I heard that there was an absolutely amazing used & new bookstore that I must not miss. I did miss it, since the time I was willing to leave the con, it turned out to be closed. I cannot remember its name.

  2. Kirsten Saunders

    Amazing bookstore = Tattered Cover
    It’s been years since I’ve been there, so I don’t know if it has changed, but it used to be amazing. My favorite story about it, though, isn’t about book. At some point it had to move locations due to a bad landlord. They just put up signs asking for customers to come help them move (about 2 blocks). On moving day, people showed up by the scores bringing boxes with them. They packed the books, carried them to the new store and put them on the new shelves. Employees acted like crossing guards giving directions, but absolutely trusted people not to steal. And no one did.

    If you have a car and more time, Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs is stupendous. Plan at least an afternoon. You’ll want to walk around. If you don’t have that much time, then go to Red Rocks. You’ll want to walk around there too. It’s absolutely peaceful if you find the right bits. Beautiful too.

    If it is raining the Arborateum is a step up from most. It’s really lovely, or was the last time I was there.

    Make sure you have some Mexican food smothered in green chili while you’re there. It’s a regional specialty not found elsewhere, alas.

    I wish I were going.

  3. Hydrating. Denver’s High Altitude Tips page says to drink twice as much water as normal (and recommends going easy on the alcohol). The air is significantly thinner and dryer.

    Using the free WiFi in the Denver airport. Except that they block your website as “sexual materials” (or at least they did a couple years ago), so that may not be so helpful to you.

    …Okay, so I don’t actually have any useful suggestions; I didn’t see any of the local sights.

    …Oh, one other meta-suggestion: if you’re taking a cab or shuttle to/from the airport, ask around about alternatives. I don’t remember details, but I think that there were some options that turned out to be much much cheaper than others. Maybe a combined-downtown-hotels shuttle or something?

  4. (And when I say “ask around,” I mean ask other conference attendees and/or ask the hotel concierge. Which I mention just to make clear that I’m not suggesting things like wandering around the airport asking shady quasi-cab companies.)

  5. Lenore Jones/jonesnori

    I’ll second the Garden of the Gods suggestion in Colorado Springs. Another at a distance suggestion is the Pike’s Peak Cog Railway. CS is a bit higher altitude than Denver, and Pike’s Peak is a LOT higher, so if you do that one, be prepared to feel like a total weenie when you get out and attempt to walk around.

    I usually visit the area in the winter (I have family in CS, though they’re moving soon to Pueblo), but I’ll second the hydration too. It’s dry enough that I would get seeping nosebleeds – just enough to notice when blowing my nose. Yuck.

  6. How about some good, old-fashioned writing? That’s what I’m hoping to do with free time this weekend. Writing dates in Denver!

  7. You should find time to see the Art Museum. It’s actually worth it even if you don’t go inside (unique fortress-like but very modern building). As I recall, they have good collections of American and Native American art.

    With all of love,

    C. J. Czelling

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