Went to Devi’s birthday…

Went to Devi's birthday dinner, even though it was at 7 in the city and I usually go to bed at 8. Devi, this is love. Because it is now almost 11, and I am about to go crash, and the baby will get me up at 4, which will actually be 5, because of Daylight Savings Time -- so actually, I'm not at all sure what the baby will do, maybe he'll sleep later, but maybe earlier, god knows. So somewhere between 4-6 hours sleep tonight, and I know that or worse was common back when Anand was brand new, but I've gotten used to getting 7-8 solid hours again, and I needs them, I do. Ah well, enough whining, time for as much sleep as I can snag. Happy birthday, Devi! And everyone else, happy DST!

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