I think I’m thinking…

I think I'm thinking about this design stuff too much. Because I was watching Cougar Town while knitting this morning, and noticed that in Ellie's house, which has a lovely fresh decor that I'd previously thought wasn't what I'd want for my whole house, but which I'd like for a conservatory or perhaps a music room, in the back of the room, fuzzy, on a shelf, was a plate that I'd really liked at Pier 1 but couldn't justify buying because right now, we have to buy things like doors and windows and floors, not plates.

I'm pleased that the professional staging people on TV agree that it's a charming plate, but I'm also a little scared that I can identify a fuzzy plate in the background of a TV show that I'm only half watching while I try to figure out how to transfer stitches to waste yarn and cast on mid-row (figured out courtesy internet; thank you, internet).

Moral of the story: I should take a little break from design sometime soon. Also, that these really are charming salad plates, very reasonably priced (only $5 each!). Beautiful design. Other people should buy them, even if I can't. Ellie had hers in the yellow, paired with a solid color dinner plate in the same yellow. So fresh and spring! (I even think the red/white ones would be great for Christmas.)

I could have sworn I also saw them in the store in cobalt blue/white, but I can't seem to find a picture of those online. But I'm not going to obsess about it now!

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  1. They’re super pretty! Pier 1 in France I think is Pier Imports – I might go and see if they have the same collection over here or not, because they are SUPER tempting. In cobalt, no less; I would swoon.

    Not that I really need more plates or should spend money that way either, cough.

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