Color me astonished. I…

Color me astonished. I was woken up this morning at 6:15 by...morning light. Not by Kevin, shaking my shoulder and telling me it's my turn. Not by my own internal clock, telling me that it's about to be my shift, and if I want a chance to use the restroom without a baby screaming, I'd better take it right now. Not by actual screaming baby. And now here it is at 6:23, and Anand is still sleeping! It's a miracle, is what it is.

Plan for today -- new babysitter Adriana comes today. She seems so young (22, I think), that it makes me a bit nervous leaving the kids with her. But she apparently did just fine watching them while I was at the conference yesterday. Hopefully today will go well too. She'll be here from 8-12, and my plan for the morning is to intersperse a bunch of computer-related work (some design stuff for house, some publicity / events planning for ASAM) with cleaning up and running errands, like going to the winter farmer's market at St. Giles church (1025 Columbian, 9-1), and checking out how the tree removal process is going at the house.

There's been some drama already with the tree removal, but I'm going to save that for a separate entry.

The conference was good yesterday, especially two brilliant talks by my colleague Helen Jun ("Neoliberalism and Asian American Racialization") -- I'm really looking forward to her upcoming book now -- and by Anwen Tormey from U of C ("The Jurisprudence of Doubt: Left Legalism, Abject Subjects, and the Depoliticization of Asylum in Ireland"). Helen's talk convinced me that I HAVE to see the film Better Luck Tomorrow sometime soon (when I do, I will tell you all about it). And as someone with relatives who have gone through the asylum process (in Canada, bless you Canadians), I was fascinated to hear how it's playing out in post-colonial Ireland. (The answer: not good, in a variety of unsettling ways. Although of course, still way, way better than in the U.S. Sigh.) Anwen and I made plans to meet up sometime soon, and I'm really looking forward to it. We have books to loan each other -- and here's the hilarious thing: at one point, I tried to learn Gaelic (failed, but I bought the tapes and made a serious effort). And she actually did learn Tamil! How cool is that?

Now I'm going to go pump some air into my bike tires. Sometime today -- bike ride! Light rain supposed to show up around late morning, so I'm just going to wait for it to warm up a little bit and then head out. (This is why even stay-at-home parents need some childcare at times; I could toss Kavi in the seat on the back of the bike (if I were more confident in my bicycling skills, anyway), but I couldn't manage Anand too.)

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