Much grading means much…

Much grading means much procrastination and many blog posts. (Although to be fair, I finished two classes' worth, and there was no way I was going to finish the third class for today, so that's being pushed to Thursday hand-back regardless.)

We don't celebrate Easter in any kind of religious way, but in the midst of a Chicago winter, I do think the start of March is a good time to remind ourselves that spring really is coming. So we've pulled out the Easter decorations already...

Daffodils; sour jelly beans (Kevin), mini chocolate eggs with candy coating (me and Kavi)

Bunnies and a nest, which remarkably survived packaging from last year.

These topiary-style bunnies ($2.50 each at Pier One just now) seem particularly Victorian to me. :-) Note also the bunny stamp, shiny egg stickers, and the two Easter eggs that Kavi decorated.

Little birdies flying in our ficus tree.


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