I heard some funny…

I heard some funny noises from upstairs, so I went up to find the door to Kavi's room closed, but when I opened it, Kavi wasn't in her bed. I was briefly bewildered -- I thought maybe she'd had a nightmare or something and gone to find Kev in his bed? But why would she close the door behind her, especially with Ellie still there in bed? (Most nights, they sleep together. I wish I'd had a dog growing up!)

On glancing around, I realized that the little girl was in fact lying on the wood floor near the door, with her head resting on a big stuffed lamb. No idea what led to that! Kavya wouldn't go back to her bed, so I brought her down with me, and it looks like she's falling back asleep on the couch now, which is good, since it's another two hours or so until she's supposed to wake up. But this may interfere a bit with exercise plans. (It's an excuse, but a good one! Can't wake sleeping children! Must nap instead!)

5 thoughts on “I heard some funny…”

  1. Around the time you found Kavi, Paris wet her bed. Paris has been an amazing potty training story until the las 3 weeks. She wets her bed about every other night or so. I wish she would just lay on the floor with her head on a stuffed animal.

  2. My vote is sleepwalking or a nightmare that drove her from the bed. I was a sleepwalker at a very young age until around puberty– would end up in the closet, the hallway, even the kitchen.

  3. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    See, sleepwalking makes me very nervous, because we don’t currently have a baby gate at the top of the stairs. She can manage them fine while awake, but asleep? We usually close her door at night, but maybe she might open it in her sleep?

    I used to sleepwalk (and sleeptalk) occasionally too.

  4. You could hang a bell from her bedroom door so you’d hear it if she opened the door in the middle of the night. (I’m a light sleeper, so that would definitely wake me.) I don’t think locking or blocking the door from the outside would be safe. Of course, if she did sleepwalk, she might not do it again for weeks or months.

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