Hey, so I’m donating a…

Hey, so I'm donating a few items to Con or Bust, a livejournal auction raising money to help send fans of color to WisCon. This is a cause dear to my heart, since I was a starving grad student living in California in 1997 or so when I first heard of WisCon. I was interested, but wouldn't have been able to afford to go if the convention committee hadn't been trying hard to actively outreach to people of color -- they paid for my plane ticket. I fell in love with the convention, and have been back (on my own dime) almost every year since (just missed the year Kavi was born, since it was a week before the con. :-) I think it's tremendously helpful for young writers, especially writers of color, since it's a more diverse and welcoming atmosphere than many other conventions (which tend to be an overwhelming sea of whiteness), and WisCon also offers a lot of programming specifically focused on race and ethnicity.

So anyway, I encourage you to bid on my items, bid on other peoples' items, and/or offer items for donation yourself! And of course, please help spread the word in your blogs, mailing lists, etc.!

Bidding started yesterday, and continues through Saturday, March 13th. There are a ton of gorgeous items up already -- jewelry and handmade socks and a plethora of book-related items. Go browse! -- Con or Bust: Fans of Color Assistance Project

I'm offering the following so far (thinking about adding a short story or novel / nonfiction book critique too -- wondering if there'd be enough interest to make it worthwhile, figuring out an appropriate starting bid):

1) Curry powder and cookbook, made by Guest of Honor Mary Anne Mohanraj (born in Sri Lanka): One large jar of Sri Lankan curry powder, freshly hand-roasted and ground by yours truly, accompanied by a copy of my Sri Lankan cookbook, A Taste of Serendib. I'll either bring them to WisCon or mail them to you, your choice. The curry powder works great as an easy, mildly-spicy rub for roast or grilled meats, and of course, for cooking curries. It's traditionally used for meat or fish recipes, but I've successfully used it with seitan in the past, if you prefer vegetarian options. I think small cubes of baked tofu would work too.

2) Lunch at WisCon: Enjoy a private lunch at WisCon with me, at the local restaurant of your choice, my treat. (You pay for your own alcohol, though, should you choose to partake.) We can discuss whatever you like -- writing, publishing, erotica, polyamory, teaching, academia, kids, race/ethnicity, etc. and so on. It could be a focused topic, or just a free-range discussion. Bonus: If you like, my sweetie, Strange Horizons (http://www.strangehorizons.com) senior fiction editor Jed Hartman (http://www.kith.org/logos/), will join us. But that's entirely optional. Oh, and you can bring a friend or more than one if you like; I'll just be paying for one person's meal, though! :-)

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