This is just to remind…

This is just to remind myself what Anand can eat so far:

yes: rice cereal, applesauce (which he goes crazy for), sweet peas, carrots, bananas

no for now: sweet potatoes (possible allergic reaction; his cheeks got very red)

new food to try: green beans (Tuesday), pears (Friday)

We started Anand on solids at 4 months because he seemed ready -- eagerly watching us eat, reaching for our food, tongue-thrust reflex disappearing. That may have been a bit of a mistake, because boy, oh boy, he loves real food. We started him with just a little rice cereal once a day, and then started trying various fruits and veggies, still once a day.

We were planning on waiting 'til he turned five months old (tomorrow) to give him a second meal of solids in the day (and then at six months, three meals a day), but a few days ago Anand started just demanding more -- rejecting the milk and howling until you gave him some rice cereal and/or fruits/vegetables. So now he's up to two meals a day. Which is okay, as long as he still drinks plenty of milk -- at this age, he's supposed to be getting most of his calories from milk. But boy, he can be stubborn when he wants to be!

This doesn't bode well for us.

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