There’s this anthology…

There's this anthology call out right now, The Speculative Ramayana. I feel like I ought to write something for it -- after all, I already did one Ramayana retelling, "The Princess in the Forest." (That one's mainstream, so I can't just submit it as a reprint.) Of course, the Ramayana is a great story, and there's plenty to work with there. But somehow, I'm just stumped this morning -- I keep coming up with fairly banal feminist versions, entirely lacking in subtlety. It's frustrating. So I'm making art instead -- some collage pieces for WisCon, trying to use textiles as a prominent element. It keeps my hands busy, and hopefully it'll let my mind work on this problem so more. I really would like to be in this anthology if I can. But it ain't gonna happen unless I come up with something more interesting than what I've managed so far.

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  1. I’m going to ask you more about this in class: what they want and how I might be able to get involved. I come from a Ramayana tradition also.

    – Thai

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