So my little vacation is…

So my little vacation is off to a decent start. We went and saw Up in the Air, an actual movie in an actual theatre, and I got to hold Kevin's hand the whole time, which was like, two hours. Two hours of hand-holding! Without any children needing to go potty or drink milk or have boo-boos kissed or needing help cutting paper or demanding that we play the birdie game...amazing. The movie was pretty good too, although I think they telegraphed too much -- I was never surprised. And the messages were pretty heavy-handed. Is it too much, to ask for a lighter touch? Still, entertaining and enjoyable. George Clooney is still a great actor and quite gorgeous.

Then Kevin dropped me at the hotel and went back to take over kid duty. The Carleton is nice, though not super-fancy (instead of having a workout room or pool, for example, they offer free passes to the YMCA a block down the street -- which is a pretty good use of resources, actually, except for forcing you to go outside in winter if you want to exercise). I wasn't quite sure what to do with myself when I got here, so I ended up lying in bed and calling Jed to chat, which is another of those things I haven't had enough time to do enough of.

We talked until I got hungry, and then I ordered food -- and oh, my god, the portions here are huge. The food itself is fine, not exciting, but the amount is outrageous. I ordered two appetizers, a soup, and a cupcake for dinner, and got enough food to feed four people. Seriously. There's a fridge in the room, so I guess I'll save the food and take it home tomorrow, maybe? I should ask Kevin to bring some tupperware when he comes to meet me. Or I can eat it for breakfast. Shrimp bisque and crabcakes for breakfast? Is that too weird?

Now I'm drinking a hard cider and pondering what to do next. Maybe a bit of knitting and tv, before I get too tipsy to knit. (Yes, just one cider will make me too tipsy to knit. I am just that much of a lightweight. It's sad.) Or maybe I'll go back to my book -- I started Matt Ruff's Sewer, Gas & Electric this morning, and so far, it is smart and quite funny. Post-apocalyptic madcap hijinks, with a good dose of politics thrown in. In the future, a plague has killed off all the black people, but no worries -- the main character owns a company that makes robot servants, available in a wide range of skin colors. Funnily enough, most people are just more comfortable with a dark-skinned servant.... Good stuff. Edgy, sharp, but with enough silliness to leaven the pain.

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