Mostly these days, Anand…

Mostly these days, Anand only does 30-45 min. naps, a few of them through the day. But perhaps he knew that I needed more of a break, because he was awake and cranky all morning (with Jarmila), and then, right around 1:30 when she left, he went to sleep for two blessed hours. Enabling me to draw this:

That's an Indian luna (or moon) moth, also found in Sri Lanka, along with one of the Tamil words for moon, 'nilavu'. I'm not sure, but I think it might make a pretty cute fabric for a child's top or dress. I'm going to order a few yards of it from Spoonflower and see whether I like it, and if I can make something for Kavi from it. This is a larger sample:

Just did this with colored pencils -- hope it comes out dark enough. Also, maybe should have used whiter paper? I didn't intend the edge to be so visible on the repeat. Still, I'm pretty impressed with myself, I have to say. :-) For someone who can't draw, that's not bad!

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