You know how sometimes…

You know how sometimes you get an earworm? A tune that gets stuck in your brain and plays over and over again? Is it possible to get a colorworm? Because I have been absolutely obsessed with the bright pink / orange color combination, for at least six months. I'm working on a crochet project right now. See how pretty it looks on my rosewood desk, next to the copper watering can, chrome mister, and pink bougainvillea? Like something out of a Victorian novel. (Also I love the name of that wood. Rosewood. It just sounds gorgeous. How can beech or maple compare?)

The thing is, it's not just one charming crochet -- that could be understood, forgiven. I bought all of Karina's Christmas presents in pink and orange (we generally do themes in our presents to each other.) Pink/orange is all I want to craft right now; it's taken over my brain. Like this fabric bundle I just bought (will be dishtowels, I think; Sandi Henderson Meadowsweet collection):

Thank the gods I have Kavi's room to indulge myself in. I'm not much for pale pink for little girls, but bright pink/orange feels joyous and fierce, which is the sort of life I would like my daughter to have. This is a bolster cover I made a few months ago:

And here's the bed it ended up on (I made the bedspread too, which I did totally wrong in several incredibly frustrating ways before coming up with something workable -- I really need a basic sewing class; in March, hopefully):

I'm going with a butterfly-peacock-elephant theme in Kavi's room; sort of a psychedelic jungle. The pink-orange was getting a little intense, so I made a pillowcase with some white in it, which I think helps tone things down. Maybe? I think I could use a little more white in the canopy too; a project for another day. Yes? No? It's not sewn at all yet -- just some lengths of fabric draped over the bed.

I'm so impressed by this embroidered wall hanging -- I'm just awed by how much work went into it. Kavi loves it too; she likes to stare at all the patterns and textures, and touch the squares, and decide which one is her favorite at the moment.

I found that piece in Canada while at a desi writing conference. Which, now that I think about it, was far more than six months ago, which means this obsession has been going on longer than I thought. Maybe I really ought to be worried. Do you think Kevin would like living in a pink-orange house?

3 thoughts on “You know how sometimes…”

  1. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    It’s mostly me collecting things from talented people on Etsy. 🙂 I love that elephant and the two peacock pillows.

    And you should have seen me swearing over the bedspread, which took, oh, about three times as many hours as it should have taken. The pillowcase, on the other hand, was super-easy — fifteen minutes work. Let me know if you need a pillowcase for your birthday. 🙂

  2. That looks rich and gorgeous.

    (The house looks purple and orange – one of my favorite “over-the-top, don’t go there” color combos. You find all of them in the marvelous silk sarees from South India…)

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