Sorry I’ve been so…

Sorry I've been so quiet. I realized in late December that I had an imminent book deadline for an awards jury I'm on, and have been rather frantically reading in every spare moment since. Luckily, the books are so far very good. My deadline is Jan 2, so expect more from me after that, if not before.

Northern California continues to be beautiful; we go home tomorrow. It'll be good to be home, but I am going to miss this weather, as always. Kevin could perhaps have gotten a job at Berkeley -- there was a possibility there last year. But no guarantee that I could find work as well, and I really do love teaching. So dear UIC students, please do keep in mind what I have sacrificed in order to teach you -- months and months of perfect days. I expect this coming semester to be a bit crazy, so remember that, and be kind.

2 thoughts on “Sorry I’ve been so…”

  1. I’m glad you are enjoying California. I’m looking forward to having you come back and tell me of your adventures – even though they are reduced due to your reading commitment. Plus, Chi-Town is just a little bit emptier knowing you are not a car ride away.

  2. Mary Anne Mohanraj


    My deadline is Jan 2 — I should have some time after that to hang out, before the semester starts. Although I also have a short story deadline Jan 3 and a syllabus to finalize. Eep.

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