I have to say, it feels…

I have to say, it feels a little weird posting so much about things we're buying. In the midst of this recession-thing, when several of our friends have lost jobs, it seems tacky to talk about the fact that we're doing okay, and are in fact buying quite a lot of stuff. But I think it's just part of this whole home renovation thing, that we do several years' worth of buying all at once. Hopefully, some of these design details are of interest and maybe even helpful to other folks, even if you aren't planning a renovation anytime soon (or never plan on doing one).

2 thoughts on “I have to say, it feels…”

  1. As your friend, I am happy you are doing well. I enjoy living vicariously through your shopping. And when I come over and see the new stuff (like Kavi’s bed) you buy that you talked about, it makes me feel a bigger part of your life.

    You have some really great friends. I can’t see any of them being upset because you are sharing your current abundance. Especially those who know the hell you went through this summer.

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