I discovered Nadeau…

I discovered Nadeau Imports recently, when I was hunting for Indian furniture; it's up in the Ravenswood area (sadly, a good forty-five minute drive from Oak Park). It's where we bought Kavi's solid teak canopy bed; Nadeau does imports from India and Indonesia, at what I think are really decent prices. For example, I just bought a desk from them for about $300; it's solid rosewood with beautiful details. I'm sure Pottery Barn would charge two or three times that for the same desk.

I bought several pieces last week, and I imagine we'll be getting more from there, as we have a lot of house to fill, and not near enough furniture to fill it. The selection is a little eccentric - they just get big loads of whatever, and then they send out e-mails when they get a new shipment, and you can look at the photos online or go into the store to grab things. I find that the most interesting pieces tend to sell really fast; I wanted some jali bookshelves (with perforated iron screen sides) from them, and the day after some came in on a shipment, they were gone. (I arrived at 10:30, but someone else got there at 10 and beat me to them.) So I'll have to be patient for my bookshelves a while longer.

Anyway, here are the pieces we just got. One desk, one bench for the front hall, and a storage piece and table for the craft / sewing room.

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