Time just slips away…

Time just slips away from you, especially when you have an infant. Days disappear into a sleep-deprived haze, and the next thing you know, it's the 14th, and you have a superhero story due on contract on the 15th, and you haven't started actually writing it it.

Luckily, I did plot the thing out, and have been thinking about it off and on, so with luck I'll be able to produce a decent draft to give to George (R.R. Martin) by tomorrow night. Kevin got up early (despite being sick again yesterday, poor munchkin) to watch the kids, so I've walked across the street to Eastgate (boy, it's convenient having a good cafe across the street), have just gotten a huge cup of chai, and am going to try to write this thing. At least a decent and solid first draft, that George can hack at as it he integrates it with the rest of the incoming stories in this Wild Cards anthology.

I love my characters (and their superpowers), so that part should be a lot of fun. I'm anxious about the fact that the story is in a police procedural setting, which is new to me -- I love watching shows like Bones, Fast Forward, and White Collar, but that doesn't mean I know enough to write that kind of story. (Not to mention, those are all FBI, not city cops -- it's been a while since I caught an episode of Law & Order.)

Plus, it's been months and months and months since I wrote anything.

Hope I remember how.

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