Ever since moving to…

Ever since moving to Chicago, I've always been a little homesick in fall for New England. Chicago doesn't have the dramatic color changing trees -- just a lot of muddy yellow-brown leaves everywhere you look. Weary and sad.

But a lovely surprise about moving to Oak Park is the trees! Bright golds, vibrant oranges and reds -- all the autumn colors I was longing for. The last week of driving around the neighborhood has been sheer delight -- the wide streets with tall overarching trees make corridors of fiery beauty. And when you walk down the street, the wind sends the leaves gusting all around you, and your feet kick up dry crackles with every step and it's exactly what autumn is supposed to be. It makes me so happy.

Kevin was up with the baby last night, and handed him off to me around 4. Between Anand and Kavi's morning needs, I couldn't get five minutes to cook breakfast. Plus we were out of Cheerios. So this morning, I had pumpkin pie and chai for breakfast, and Kavi had a cookie and milk. Feels very appropriate for the holiday.

Oh, and can I just say that I loved the Firefly reference in the Halloween episode of Castle? He dresses up as a space cowboy, and his daughter makes snarky Firefly-related comments. So perfect!

Happy Halloween!

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