I thought I was healing…

I thought I was healing pretty well, and had even thought about going back to work right after my two weeks of maternity leave. But I guess I've been doing too much unpacking or laundry or something, because I managed to hurt myself again. We're not sure exactly what I did, but guessing that I'd at least pulled out a stitch or two of my sutures would not be out of line. My incision is very ouchie -- feels as if I were just a few days out of surgery instead of two weeks. So I've taken a week of sick leave, and won't be going back to teaching until next Monday, and am now back to limping around like an invalid. Hmm...I guess I am an invalid. Odd.

Thankfully, Kevin's mom arrived yesterday, so we have a lot of help here with the kids. I'm trying to mostly just stay in bed and feed the baby and give my body time to heal, but it's really hard to stick to that. Especially since Roshani showed up in Chicago out of the blue yesterday, and I couldn't pass up the chance to spend a little time with her. (She brought adorable outfits for the baby, all in the palest shade of blue. Very sweet.) And of course tomorrow is closing, so we'll be driving out to Oakbrook to the title company. And in the afternoon, we have to get the last of our stuff from the storage unit, so we'll be driving into the city and directing movers. Kevin will handle the driving, so hopefully sitting and walking won't be beyond my powers.

The pain has made the new baby / chaotic house / etc. all a lot harder to cope with. I've been completely failing to answer the phone or e-mail for days now, and have also had quite a few weeping fits. Pain + lack of sleep = limited resources. But at least I know from doing this once before with Kavya that it does get better. Eventually, they learn to sleep in longer chunks, and then you get to sleep properly too.

For now, feed the baby, then sleep as much as I can, even if it's in little short bits, knitting up the ravelled sleeve of care as best I can. That's my job at the moment, as Kevin keeps telling me. Not unpacking boxes and hanging up clothes -- and especially not moving furniture.

I'm really terrible at remembering that.

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