In case you’re trying to…

In case you're trying to reach me, we've been having phone difficulties -- our land line is finally hooked up, but we haven't found either of our actual phones yet while unpacking. And my iPhone has been having all sorts of crashing problems for days now, so a lot of calls aren't coming through (they show up in voice mail many hours later). We went to the Apple store today and they replaced my phone, so it should be more reliable from now on.

I also haven't even started responding to the backlog of e-mail from the five days when we didn't have internet. Still overwhelmed with new baby + unpacking. But Thursday is mostly a quiet day at home (plus doctor's appt. for both kids), so I'm hoping to get through a bunch of the e-mail backlog then.

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  1. Dear Mary Anne,
    Am so glad to hear you have delivered safely, many congratulations on the new born!
    And also happy to read that you have moved into a new home. What a hectic period!

    Sorry to contact you about work, and truly, I am not intending to ask you for any work right now! Just wondered if you could drop me a line on e-mail and give me a heads-up if our book on Book Covers is going ahead for 2010? If I do get the green light from you, I can carry on and lay the foundations of the project and send you a framework by early next year, fingers crossed.

    Hope you are still on board, just needing to hear from you to check.

    Take good care,

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