Just a quick gestational…

Just a quick gestational diabetes check-in, one month in to diagnosis, 36 weeks into pregnancy:

So far, so good. With the glyburide and carb-counting, my sugars are under control. I've found that the last week, I've had a really hard time remembering to actually check on time; I don't know if that's general pregnancy-brain, things getting a bit busier at work, buried resentment at having to keep pricking my poor fingers, or what, exactly. I've asked Kevin to help me remember to do the sticks; hopefully that'll help get the job done for the next up-to-four weeks.

I'm getting really kind of sick of the allowed snacks. Cheese and meat sound great, but in practice, I often don't feel like snacking on them. Too salty or something. If I'm at the house, I can usually do blueberries and cottage cheese, or an apple, or something else fruity, which is much more what I'm craving, but it's harder to do that when I'm out running around. Although maybe that just means I should buy more apples. But I don't like eating apples unless I cut them up into slices first. Yes, I'm weird, I know. Or possibly three years old. Anyway. It's getting tiresome, and I miss rice like crazy. Yesterday I broke down and made rice and curry because I just couldn't take it anymore, but I can't do that every day, which is what I really want to do. Sigh.

Weight gain/loss (would normally be gaining about a pound a week at this stage of pregnancy):

  • Week 1: lost 2 pounds
  • Week 2: lost 1 pound
  • Week 3: gained 2 pounds
  • Week 4: lost 3 pounds
Which I think works out to instead of gaining 4 pounds as I normally would over the past month, I've lost 4 pounds, so effectively, I'm probably 8 pounds lighter than I would have been if it weren't for the gestational diabetes diagnosis. Hm. Weird. Not sure how I feel about that.

But now I have to go teach, so I'll leave you to reach your own conclusions on whether the GD has been a good or a bad thing for me overall. It's certainly a nuisance.

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