Just a quick note to say…

Just a quick note to say that I am losing it, people. Not able to deal with e-mail or phone calls, probably until this house stuff is settled. In theory, closing is 9/15, but it's all dependent on inspection-based negotiations which are very unclear. Trying to keep as busy and distracted as possible -- thank god for a morning of doctor's appts. (baby boy in 55th percentile for weight, v. good), and afternoon of teaching and Asian Am events.

5 thoughts on “Just a quick note to say…”

  1. I feel for you. Changing so many aspects of my life at once has always been extremely stressful for me, and having so much going wrong or being uncertain must magnify the effect overwhelmingly

  2. So sorry. Don’t worry about dealing with outside things right now. Good luck and gods bless. Josephine Tey in a good way to go. I guess you’ve already read Dorothy Sayers, or I’d recommend her too. Maybe you’d like Jane Austen?

  3. Just don’t worry about the Internet. It can take care of itself for a few days. I’m reading a good book right now, ‘The Glass Books of the Dream Eaters’. It could have used a little more editing in the beginning, but I’m enjoying it.

  4. Josephine Tey is very nice. Her book on Richard III seemed wonderful to me when I read it years ago. I also loved Brat Ferrar.

  5. Civilized escape reading is an excellent way to cope with stress. I have gone back to Georgette Heyer. I don’t like the class prejudice, but she is an elegant writer.

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