Thanks again for all the…

Thanks again for all the recommendations -- I don't think I've actually bought any of these brands before, so that was a big help.

  • Ecco Coto Ballerina ($130) -- sadly, this one, recommended by my littlest sister, was a total fail. Cute, and easy to slip on while pregnant, versatile with pants or dresses, but the sole is just totally thin and flat; no support, not comfy to walk around on. Maybe other Ecco shoes have more support, and it's just the ballerina style at fault? Perhaps, but this one is going back.

  • Keen Presidio ($90) -- this was a fun color, but the shoe itself is funny-looking in person -- wider across the front than anywhere else, giving it an oddly dumpy appearance. Reasonably comfortable, or would be with socks, I think, but also less versatile than some of the other shoes, since I wouldn't wear it with dresses. Pass.

  • Merrell Encore Chill Stitch ($90) -- love these! Fun color, super-comfy, like sliding your feet into slippers. Going to be perfect for fall, I think, and for winter with socks, and while I might not wear them with skirts, they'll be great with jeans and slacks. Daniel (from Australia) called them Ugg-clogs when I stepped outside to get folks' opinions yesterday; I haven't actually tried real Uggs yet, but I guess these might be similar in approach? Anyway, cute, comfy, a definite win for fall. Kind of tempted to get them in more colors too -- maybe next year.

  • Dansko Sienna ($94) -- these were stiff going on, but the bottom was comfy for walking around, and I think the top would soften with a little wear. I liked the look of these, but they were vetoed by both Daniel and Kevin, and Anne dismissed them as 'hospital shoes' -- I guess these are the kind of shoes that all the doctors and nurses tend to wear with their scrubs? I still think they're pretty stylish-looking, but the next pair of shoes was similar in color, and I liked them better, so the Danskos are going back.

  • Clarks Noele ($60) -- and these were the clear winner, even without considering the fabulous price. Immediately comfortable sliding them on, terribly easy to get in and out of while pregnant, comfy while walking around for three hours afterwards, even while mostly standing at the stained glass class. Looks great with slacks. (Would they look good with skirts too?) Love these -- they'd justify the whole Zappos experience all by themselves.

Now I just have to print out a free return address label, slap it on the box, seal it up, and send three pairs of shoes back. Painless shoe shopping; Zappos for the win!

5 thoughts on “Thanks again for all the…”

  1. I love Zappos! Also, did you recognize those Merrells? I have those! I LOVE THEM. I wore my first pair (green, fluffy inside) into the ground so had to buy that exact pair last year. If they ever stop making them, I will die.

  2. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    Hmm…now that you mention it, I guess they DO look familiar. But I didn’t figure that out in advance. 🙂

  3. Ha. Eventually—with me buying the sweater you wore yesterday (maybe) and you buying a pair of my favorite shoes—we’re going to start to dress alike. We’ll have to call each other before we meet in public.

  4. Catherine Shaffer

    I have the Merrill Chill clogs and love them. I think it may be about time to replace them. I also have some clarks very similar to the ones you chose, and I love those, too. In fact, your taste in shoes is very similar to mine. If you’re ever in Ann Arbor, I will take you to my favorite shoe store which is full of Merrills and Clarks and many European brands so comfy. Most of the shoes are shockingly expensive, but they have a great clearance section where you can get good shoes for $50-$75, which is not so heart-attack-inducing.

  5. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    I do come to Ann Arbor every year or two to visit friends, so this is not outside the realm of possibility! 🙂

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