It’s strange to be this…

It's strange to be this tired at 9:40 and ready to go to bed, but what's even stranger is that I'm the last one awake in the house -- starting at 6:30, they started dropping like flies:

  • 6:30 - baby Catherine
  • 7:00 - Robert
  • 7:45 - Kavi
  • 8:15 - Anne
  • 8:50 - Daniel
  • 9:20 - Kevin
To be fair, Kevin said he was going up to read in bed, so he may not be asleep quite yet. But still, it's a little surreal. I used to be the early bird...

It was a good day, though, in a quiet Saturday sort of way. Lots of hanging out with Kavi, inside and out, enjoying the cool, sunny weather. Sorted some paperwork. Answered a few e-mails. Cooked and cleaned and put Daniel and Anne's kids to bed so they could enjoy a rare dinner out together. Watched some tv, did a bit of reading. Really, nothing earth-shattering at all, but all three children were mostly in good moods all day, and that is something to be treasured. :-) Just a peaceful, happy day.

Now, if the homeowners on house #3 (the Grove house, for those keeping track) would just call us back... If we don't hear from them by tomorrow, we're going to have to go on to making an offer on yet another house, I think. Argh.

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