For the most part, this…

For the most part, this pregnancy has been easier than the last one -- but in the last few days, things have started getting worse. The recurring pain in my stomach is getting more intense and more frequent; I'm guessing it's another degenerating fibroid. Probably not a serious problem -- at this point, I have check-ups every two weeks and ultrasounds every month, so they'll keep monitoring things. And at least it started later this time around (I think I was around 4-5 months when I started having trouble last time). But still. Sucks.

Going to go take more Tylenol and lie on the couch some more, hoping it gets better.

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  1. My boys are 19 months apart (now ages 4 & 2.5) & FWIW, I found the last bit of my pregnancy much, much more difficult than the first weeks with a newborn & toddler. Maybe that’s because of a relatively easy birth/recovery, but once the baby was out I no longer had heartburn, carpal tunnel, sciatia pain, etc. and I could actually put him down once in a while (unlike while pregnant)! Not to say there weren’t other challenges, but physically (even with breastfeeding), I felt about 200% better not being pregnant anymore.

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