How does my garden grow?…

How does my garden grow? Honestly, this hasn't been my best summer gardening; just too distracted by Kriti, and by house stuff. But a few gems -- my favorite is the Happy Chappy shrub rose. That's going to be in the new house!

Happy Chappy:

Nasturtiums (edible flowers, good in salad):

Sweet basil:

Thai basil:

3 thoughts on “How does my garden grow?…”

  1. I realized after I went away that I probably came across more snarky then I meant. I was reading you a very long time ago, when a lot of your poetry was about an unhappy relationship which I related to a lot. I’m quite over my mathematician and it seems more fitting that you and Kev have made a happy match. I think you complement each other better.

  2. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    S’okay. I dated quite a few mathematicians who would probably have made me miserable (and I would have done the same to them). :-/

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