The owners of the…

The owners of the Victorian called -- they got a cash offer for asking price yesterday, and accepted. They'll call us if it falls through, but presumably, it's gone. I'm trying not to be too crushed.

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  1. 🙁 Sorry to hear this.

    …But it sounds like you have various other possibilities you like, and there may be others by the time your condo sells. So I imagine you’ll end up with something you like.

    Still, disappointing.

  2. I was disappointed when I lost the first house I offered for, but the one I actually bought was much better. You’ll find something just as good in your own time.

    I’m still not convinced the little rooms wouldn’t have driven you crazy.

  3. Just keep looking, something perfect will show up. And maybe go back and look at the big Mad Hatter House?

  4. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    Heh. We did actually stop by the Mad Hatter house yesterday, and left them a note saying we’d like to see it if possible. (Hadn’t gotten a response from their realtor’s online appt. form.) So we’ll see what happens. Still concerned about the across from middle school thing, but maybe that’s not as big a deal as we thought…

  5. I don’t think living near a school is that bad. We live right near a school. I love to hear the sound of children on the playground. It is a sound from my childhood, when we lived close (not as close) to a school. It certainly beats living near a fire station or train tracks.

    You know that in the summer, it will be completely silent and traffic free. Ditto winter and spring breaks. Time it right, and you won’t ever have to deal with the drop off/pick up traffic. When the kids are old enough to attend, it will be nice to have them walk across the street if that is where they will attend.

    I’m sure it’s not as big a deal in the burbs, but at least you know there won’t be any drug dealing going on nearby.

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