My friend Venu’s bridal…

My friend Venu's bridal shower is today, which I'm particularly happy about because I really like the guy she's marrying -- he's a U of C geek, and if we had met seventeen years ago when I was there, I'm sure we would have become good friends then. Yay! It's so nice when your people bring other great people into your life.

And speaking of seventeen years ago, sometime around now (we're not sure of the exact date) seventeen years ago, I met Kevin in a math department basement in Eckart. And there was champagne, which I would explain, but it's a long, long story. Suffice it to say that Kevin makes my life a good deal more bubbly than it would be without him, and pretty close to every day, I think about how lucky I was to have found him. Happy anniversary, sweetie!

Seventeen years together -- that just doesn't seem real, y'know? :-)

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