Arm still hurt, so brief…

Arm still hurt, so brief version:

Invited to write superhero story. Exciting. Character is Sri Lankan refugee, came to America as child decades ago. Now 30, working in NY as dancer doing solo shows, sometimes focused on war and politics. Not always. Superpower: can generate colored fields of light, solid enough to dance on, shaped as desired. (Could be a weapon, in theory, but it's never come up so far.) NEED SUPERHERO NAME. TOTALLY STUCK!!! Considering variations on dance, brown (for skin, politics), light.

Possibles so far:

  • Abhinaya (Tamil word for dance gestures)
  • Adalarasi (Tamil word for dancer)
  • Bronze Mist
  • Corona
  • Dark Light
  • Natya (Tamil word for dance)
  • Sienna
  • Smoke Dancer
Votes? Other suggestions? Trying to finalize this by Wed.

8 thoughts on “Arm still hurt, so brief…”

  1. I vote no on Bronze Mist and Corona. Corona? A beer. Bronze Mist? Don’t tell me that’s not a self-tanner spray.

    I like Natya.

  2. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    I’m leaning towards Natya. I didn’t even think of the beer for Corona, funny! Guess because I don’t drink beer. I’d kind of liked Corona, but maybe partly because there was a classic Trek novel of that name that I liked once upon a time. 🙂

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