I was very restrained at…

I was very restrained at Grand Street Gardens -- only bought a few flowers to replace the ones that died when the windowbox crashed three stories. Pansies, ranunculus, nemesia. I would have bought more nemesia, but the orange-red kind I like best they only had already planted into expensive hanging planters. So I restrained myself -- hopefully they'll show up elsewhere soon.

Planted the windowbox, dug out some more leftover winter stuff, poured in the soil for the grassy area, played with Kavi, cleaned up, made dinner (leftover Thai curry -- yellow curry sauce from a jar, sauce from a packet, chicken breast, potato, carrot, bell pepper, green chili (that wasn't hot as it turned out, dammit), can of coconut milk, fresh lime, noodles -- reasonably good, in a comforting yellow curry sort of way). That was pretty much my day. Good day, but I'm so very very tired now. Luckily, it's bedtime.

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