Having a tough time…

Having a tough time focusing on work this weekend, which would be okay, considering that this upcoming week is my spring break, except that I really do have a lot of time-sensitive things to get done. I *finally* changed the water in the aquarium, for example -- three weeks overdue. Poor fish. (Does anyone know how frequently it's safe to change the water? I'd sort of like to change it again in a week, to get back to the normal schedule, but I don't know if that's too traumatizing for them or something...it's a 55 gallon tank, if that helps.)

I have a ton of e-mails to send for Kriti -- that's the most urgent thing. And I really need to sit down with Simone and sort out exactly what's going on with DesiLit and the SLF tasks. The problem with having a personal assistant is that I keep just sending things over to her, but without deadlines or anything, so there's still just as much to do, and it's sitting on her computer instead of mine, which isn't actually helpful. Once I sort it out with her, then I can hopefully generate a concrete list of tasks for my poor interns, whom I've left to flounder a bit, I'm afraid. They're trying to get things done, but it's hard without stronger direction from me. Sigh. And then I have to resist the urge to just do it myself, because maybe that would be faster -- it would, in the short run, but not the long run, and I really do have to plan for the long run, dangit.

Still, I'm sort of glad I took a few hours today to play Warcraft. I finally got a character up to level 30 the last time Kevin and I played (this is what happens when you only play for a few hours every few months or so), which means I got a horse. Horsie! Or nay-nay, as Kavi might say. I love it muchly. Every paladin needs a horse. So it was nice to take a little time today to actually ride my horsie around. It is much faster than walking, although sadly, not quite fast enough to keep me from being killed over and over again when I accidentally venture into entirely too dangerous an area for me. :-)

Okay. Time to get some more things done. Maybe if I actually add them to the Things task management software, they're more likely to happen...

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