4 thoughts on “This RaceFail ’09 post…”

  1. Few things make me more excited than finding an interesting new author whose work engages me. One of those few things is finding an interesting author who manages to engage me and offer me new perspectives.

    Thank you for the new perspective.
    Thank you for the new additions to my “to-be-read” pile.

  2. Eleanor Arnason

    I’m really enjoying your postings on this topic.

    I check rydra wong’s list every morning these days and have reached the point where I am actually thinking… A strange feeling…

  3. Good luck. I think it’s heroic of you to volunteer for this.

    By the way, I really, really loved Aqua Erotica (both volumes) and did indeed read them in the recommended location. I always wished somebody would reprint classic novels in that format! (Perhaps Lulu, some day?)

  4. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    Thanks, folks, and Jonquil, glad you liked Aqua Erotica! The problem with doing more books in that format is that it’s expensive — costs a lot more per page, so there’s much less profit per book. It’s a shame, because all books should be waterproof!

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