Some of the blogs I read…

Some of the blogs I read are starting to post pictures of crocuses and other such signs of spring. Do they not realize that it is still February and that we still have to get through March and April and probably part of May before spring actually gets here??? Are they trying to rip out my heart and stomp on it???

Sometimes living in Chicago really sucks.

Kevin has been gone for half a day and so far we are surviving but it's still sucky. That is apparently my word for the day. Suck suck suck. Kavi woke up at 5:30 instead of 7:30. She also woke up twice during the night, but both times I ignored her pathetic whimpers for three minutes and she fell asleep again. Of course the second time she did that, around 1:30, it woke me up enough that it took half an hour for me to fall asleep again. Also, even though Kevin is gone and I should have a ton of bed, somehow Ellie manages to keep placing herself such that my legs are still half hanging off the edge. She's only a medium-sized doggie; I don't know how she does it. I could banish her to her doggie bed, but to be honest, it's too comforting snuggling up to her solid warm body, so I suppose my legs will have to just lump it. Sucks for them.

I thought a little more about what I want in a vacation. While Wisconsin Dells sounds like it'll be fun when Kavi's older, right now, I think it's just be more active and exciting than we need. What I want to do is rest and relax and take long, quiet walks through the woods. Ideally somewhere warm. Or warm-ish? I don't think we're up for driving as far south as Kentucky, though. I think maybe a B&B-type thing within three hours of Chicago sounds right. Would three hours south be enough to actually be warmer?

If I abandon the warmer idea, then Galena is looking like a possibility. Maybe stay at the English cottage at the Goldmoor Inn? They apparently allow dogs in the cabins for no extra fee, and they have a spa on-site. In Galena, we could tour the Ryan Mansion, do a little hiking, walk through the very artsy downtown, take a sleigh ride (I'd rather do a horseback ride, but Kavi is too small), take a ghost tour, etc. and so on. Or just hang out in the cottage and sleep. Hmmm...

Alternatively, could just go away for a night or two and leave Kavi with Jarmila. More restful, more expensive. Also, might miss her. Hmm...

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  1. Kristen and I went to Galena last March for a few days, and it was great, beter than it would be in summer because it is a lot less crowded. Highly recommended!

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