Miss Kavi, howling, woke…

Miss Kavi, howling, woke me at 5 and 5:30 a.m. Clearly, I'm up for the day now. Thank god for tea and toast. I've draped a nice cozy wrap around my shoulders and a blanket over my legs and lit the fire; it's not so painful, being awake in the dark, when you have comfort items.

I finished one sleeve of Brooke's sweater last night -- boy, these sleeves are taking a long time. I'm doing these on 5.5 and 5 mm dpn, which I find kind of tedious -- is it possible to do sleeves on circular needles instead? Because if so, I'm getting a pair before I make another baby sweater! The sleeves seem to be taking a really long time; about three hours each. But I got to watch tv for all of it, so that's okay. Almost all caught up now; hopefully Kevin and I will have some time today to watch the two episodes of Battlestar Galactica that are waiting for us.

Now that this sweater is almost done, I'm looking forward to my next project(s). February is free of birthdays, but March has four of them. I don't think they're all getting (or would all want) hand-knitted gifts, though. Probably my sister, though -- I want to do something splendid for her, so I should get started soon. I don't have any appropriate yarn, though, so an excuse to visit the yarn store. I do want to make myself a sweater, but need a small break after finishing Brooke's, I think. I think I want to make something Valentine-ish for the house -- we haven't decorated for Valentine's Day in the past, but I think it would be nice to start doing so, now that we have Kavi to enjoy it with us. I was tempted to do a throw of some kind (knitted? quilted?) but am not feeling quite that ambitious, to finish it in three weeks. So I think I'm going to go for dishtowels. Ah, so romantic!

But even once deciding on dishtowels, I find myself somewhat perplexed as to what kind I want. Most of the knitted ones I've seen patterns for seriously don't appeal to me -- insipid colors, boring heart patterns. I think I may try three different kinds of dishtowels. One embroidered with a romantic line of poetry. One knit fairly plainly, but in Valentine colors. One sewn together in patchwork. All in the same color scheme -- bright orange, bright pink, bright red (maybe only two colors in each towel, rotate around in pairs: orange/pink, pink/red, red/orange). That's the plan, at any rate -- we'll see if I actually find time to do it. (The first obstacle is finding time to go the stores and get materials. The second is not knowing so much how to sew. But I have a book on that.)

I'm going to go futz with a poem some more now, while it's quiet. Then exercise, before baby gets up. Then hang with Kavi 'til Kevin wakes up. Then try to write for a few hours. Then more Kavi time in the afternoon, then stage manage Yoni ki Baat. Should be a good day.

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