Can I tell you how much…

Can I tell you how much I love my job? I love my job. I opened the door to my office today (staggering in under a backpack weighty with a new semester's reading), and was just so happy to be there again. There is my little desk, and my comfy chair, and my reading lamp. It all looks so nice, a little academic refuge all for me. For meeeee!!!

After unloading my books and putting a bottle of milk in my fridge (so I can make myself tea), I walked upstairs to make copies of syllabi and first week readings, in the process waving at a colleague whom I'm looking forward to talking to more and picking his brain. Upstairs, I chatted with various support staff, hearing about their break and getting sympathies on my lingering cold. In the copy room, ran into Karen Su, who runs the Asian American Resource Center; we compared syllabi, and I envied how many films she has on hers. She's teaching the Intro to Asian American Studies class that I'll be teaching next spring -- lots of film, fun! Something to look forward to. And we talked about the two student groups I'm hoping to get going this spring, and she was excited about that. Pleasing.

On the way back, I ran into one of my students from last semester, who's going to be doing an internship with me this semester, working on DesiLit and the SLF. He came into my office, grabbed a piece of chocolate from the bowl on my desk, relaxed in the comfy chair, and we chatted about the break, our writing, plans for this semester, and life in general. After about fifteen mintues he headed off; we'll meet again on Friday.

And then I opened up my mail, found a stack of course evaluations, took a deep breath (because this is always a bit nerve-wracking, especially at a new job), and opened them. To find that they're my best ever -- tons of excellents, plus some very goods and goods, not a single negative evaluation in the bunch. Woohoo! My students love me, I love them, I love my job, life is great!

Now if I can just get some writing done this semester, everything will be cake. :-)

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