Mopey. Lori and Simone…

Mopey. Lori and Simone were going to come by and crochet today, giving me a small break from reading reading reading, but first Lori got sick and then Simone's daughter got sick. Pfui! And of course, I bailed on both the knitting group things I'd planned to go to this week because I was sick (my head is still congested and Tues - Thurs it flared up into an awful clogged ear with stabbing pains). Socializing in winter is hard!

I even baked bread today, in anticipation. Two lovely crusty French loaves. Sigh.

Ah well. At least I had fresh bread and butter and cheese and tomatoes for lunch. That was nice. Finished reading A Small Place, now working on Regan's Irish Writing anthology. Good stuff, but my brain feels extra slow today. Maybe doing a bit of laundry will help.

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