To Do List –…

To Do List -- 2009

Subject to Revision
    • write one short story/month
    • write one poem/month
    • start sending out poems
    • finish draft of poetry chapbook
    • finish draft of YA novel
    • finish draft of AP
    • continue turning AP chapters into essays and sending out
    • continue work on mainstream novel
    • continue work on writing book
    • send out queries to parenting magazines
    • apply for NEA Fellowship in Prose (March 5 deadline)

    • collect and read/view all Sri Lankan diaspora literature/film on LTTE
    • draft and revise paper
    • submit paper
    • polish up notes for Desi Book Cover talk and upload to website
    • apply for LGBT grant
    • apply for Great Cities grant
    • set up "Chai" student group at UIC
    • set up pan-Asian arts group at UIC

    • finish website redesign (back end pages)
    • respond to Serendib Press book queries; decide what, if anything, publishing this year
    • enjoy partner, daughter, dog
    • see friends regularly
    • take care of self (eat well, exercise, get occasional (regular?) massages)
DesiLit and SLF to-do lists to follow in a few weeks, after meeting with Simone and new intern, Shilpa. We have an intern, yay!

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