Waving blearily at you…

Waving blearily at you from the couch -- we've had a rough week. First Kevin and Kavi got sick, then I caught it. Bad, bad cold. Today, pounding sinus headache, woozy, fatigue. Thank god we're home -- the flight back was a nightmare. Kavi slept on the first flight, but on the second, I think she couldn't clear her ears, and while Kev and I also had spiked pain in our ears, she spent a good hour screaming. I couldn't even bring myself to care about the other passengers because I felt so bad for poor baby whom we couldn't do anything for. Also felt very sorry for ourselves.

The big 2009 to-do list will have to wait 'til I feel better. But here are the four actual resolutions, for the record:

  • Go to bed with dishes done and a clean sink. Unless actually at death's door, we're going to try to make this a priority in 2009. This one's a joint resolution, since Kev and I will be sharing the work.

  • Brush and floss every night. I have very bad dental habits (and consequent horrible gum problems) that I don't want to pass on to Kavi, and she's getting old enough to notice. So, time to be a grown-up, and suck it up. Sigh.

  • Try to exercise at least twenty minutes every day. Walking counts, whether outside, or on the Wii or treadmill. I feel better when I exercise, and sleep better too. Being busy just shouldn't be sufficient excuse. (Being very ill counts, though.)

  • No dieting. If I lose weight with the exercise, great, but I'm going to continue eating what my body wants me to eat. This morning, that was buttered toast. Tomorrow, it might be eggs and bacon and pancakes with maple syrup. It's all good. I will try to appreciate good food, in all its glory, and try to also be okay with my healthy body just as it is.
We'll see how we do.

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