Memo to self: when…

Memo to self: when planning travel day with toddler, allow one full day afterwards to recover.

It's not that Kavi was terrible -- she really was a good little girl. But she is full of toddler energy, and that does not mesh well with several hours of needing to sit still in a plane. Our total travel day door-to-door was about nine hours, and by the end of it, all three of us were ready to cry, I think. Thankfully, Kevin's mom was waiting to collect us, take us home, feed us lasagne, and put us to bed. Sometimes, it's very nice to have a mommy around.

We arrived Wednesday, and yesterday Kavi's cousin Brooke was over (grandma was babysitting for the day), and the two girls didn't exactly play together, but they did play reasonably nicely side-by-side. Kavi pulled Brooke's hair once, and Brooke hit her with a hard-ish toy once, but all combatants retired honorably (and whole of limb) from the field, so I think we can consider the day a triumph.

Kev and I were too tired to do much else yesterday than watch the kids play, but I did manage to get in the DesiLit grant application to the Bavikatte Foundation, so yay for me. Also hopefully sent the right e-mail so that I'll have an intern for the two foundations in the spring. Fingers crossed. Today I hope to do some crocheting of holiday gifts, respond to a *lot* of workshop exercises, hang out with Jed (if I can coax him down to Los Gatos), and maybe write a few grad school recommendations for students.

Just finished breakfast (avocadoes are so much yummier here, it makes me want to cry), and now tea and back to e-mail. Sounds good.

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  1. I love reading your writing. Even your journal. I enjoy the flow and intonation. When I read this entry, I could just imagine you leaning over my shoulder, reading with your ‘reading’ voice.

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