I spend a while…

I spend a while yesterday trying to get a good photo of Kavi in her Xmas dress for a holiday card. But I'm not sure any of these will really work, at least not by themselves. It seemed like she only wanted to smile when she was in wild motion, hence serious blurring. And often when she wasn't smiling, she was looking down at the ornmanents (or up at the tv) -- very hard to get her to actually look at me and the camera. I think she may be getting a little tired of having her photo taken. Still, I may dress her up and try this again, with Kevin or Jarmila to help get her to look up and smile. What do you think? Would any of these make a good holiday card photo?

5 thoughts on “I spend a while…”

  1. For a card, my long list would be 2, 5, 11, and any of 13-16. 10 would be far-and-away my first pick if the exposure had come out a bit better.

    4 is the kind of picture I would take and keep and enjoy for the sense of motion and a captured moment but would feel weird making prints of because of the blurring.

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