And I think I forgot to…

And I think I forgot to mention that Tumbarumba is live. Now this one is a little odd, as publications go. From the artist Ethan Ham and fabulous editor Ben Rosenbaum:

Tumbarumba is a frolic of intrusionsa conceptual artwork in the form of a Firefox extension. Tumbarumba hides storiestwelve new stories by outstanding authorswhere you least expect to find them, turning your everyday web browsing into a strange journey.
The story I wrote for them is called "Sequins," and it's another story in the Bodies in Motion universe. For those following along, the husband in the story, Nihal, is the son of Harini, which makes him the last cousin in the second generation (along with Shefali, Thayalan, Savitha, and Chaya). The last one I've written about, anyway. He's the oldest (three years older than Chaya), and has two children who have a nice scene in The Arrangement, which maybe you'll get to read someday. This story is told from the point of view of his wife, Sarala, who makes a certain surprising discovery one day...

I actually like this piece a lot -- it's my favorite of the pieces I've written in the past three years. So I hope you'll take a look, which does involve installing a little thingie on Firefox and using that as your browser for a bit. But on the plus side, it's free!

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