So, I tried to write up…

So, I tried to write up the pattern for this. If any of you crocheters have time to glance over this and tell me if it seems to make sense, that would be greatly appreciated!

Mossy Dreams of Squares and Bobbles

This scarf is basically worked in three blocks: a open squares block, a cluster block (which I only used near the ends), and a solid block. In my version, I alternated open squares and solid for the body of the scarf, but you can vary the blocks to your taste. It's totally a beginner level pattern, with the only new stitch the cluster stitch, described in detail below. This took me just over two skeins of bulky-weight yarn, but of course that's dependent on how long you want your finished scarf.

Level: Beginner
Yarn: Misti Alpaca Chartreuse Bulky
Hook: G

Row 1: chain 19
Row 2: ch 4 (first tr of row), tr 18

Open Squares Block:

Row 3: ch 4, (chain 2, skip 2, tr)*, repeat *6 times (forming 6 open squares)
Row 4-5: repeat row 3

Clusters Block:

Row 6: ch 2, sc 18
Row 7: ch 4, tr 18
Row 8: ch 4, tr, cluster (*yo, insert hook in stitch, yo and pull up a loop, yo and draw through 2 loops on hook; repeat from * 3 times more, yo and draw and through all 5 loops on hook), tr 6, cluster, tr 6, cluster, tr 2
Row 9: dc 18
Row 10: repeat row 8
Row 11: ch 4, tr 18
Row 12: ch 2, sc 18

Open Squares Block:

Row 13: ch 4, (chain 2, skip 2, tr)*, repeat *6 times (forming 6 open squares)
Row 14-15: repeat row 3

Solid Block:

Row 16: ch 3, dc 18
Row 17-19: ch 4, dc 18
Row 20: ch 3, dc 18

Rows 21 -- onwards: repeat open square and solid blocks until desired length is reached, ending with an open square, and leaving length for one more cluster block, open square block. Finish with a row of tr and a row of sc. You're done!

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  1. Thanks!! This certainly doesn’t seem complicated, so that’s encouraging.

    I liked the tassles from the other scarf you crocheted and I was thinking of incorporating them into this pattern. Can you share how you attach those to the scarf?

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