Here’s a project I…

Here's a project I finished on Sunday. This scarf and mittens I made for Kavi are by way of being a happy accident. In the original plan, I was just going to use a cute fuzzy pink-orange yarn for them, simply-crocheted, and be done with them. That would have worked well enough, I think.
But I didn't have quite enough yarn to make the mittens as long as would be ideal; plus they really needed ties if they were going to stay on my grabby daughter's hands. But no yarn! What to do???
I went to my LYS and found Louisa Harding's Kimono Ribbon, which complemented the original colors beautifully, adding a dash of green to the pink and orange. Bright and charming!
So I added on a little more length to the mittens, plus some ties. And then, for good measure, crocheted a few flowers (baby stars from Crochet Bouquet) to add on, as well as adding a bit of fringe. I love the finished effect, and Kavi seems reasonably happy with it too. Success!

3 thoughts on “Here’s a project I…”

  1. Just gorgeous, Mary Anne. Really, I believe those could make you some money. I would purchase a set for my girl. Would you make another?

  2. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    Aw, that’s so sweet, Deb. Can you ask me again after the holidays, if you’re still interested? I have a mass of gifts to get through in the next two weeks — if I survive that, I’ll know whether I’m still in love with yarn, or if I’ve totally burned out on it. 🙂

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