and tea feeling…

and tea

feeling content
baby sleeping as I read journals
soon off to teach.
between classes will write
e-mail, browse crochet patterns,
eat leftover rice, fish, lentils

this afternoon, come home early
and play with baby, or maybe write

this evening, Kevin makes dinner
we watch tv snuggled on the couch
with Ellie; Kavi plays on the carpet
at our feet, periodically bringing us
books to read her, puzzles to assemble

tomorrow I work from home and hope
for lots of writing and/or crocheting
and off and on baby playing

sometime soon, I'll write another poem
or make a sock
right now, yesterday's baked scones
are waiting. and tea.


note: I don't really count this one as a poem -- it's just a journal entry that I then went through and added line breaks to, for the fun of it. :-)

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