Holiday Book/Crochet…

Holiday Book/Crochet Extravaganza!

Hey, folks. So, it's that gift-gifting time of year, and what could be a better gift than a signed, personalized, slightly sexy, award-finalist, critically-acclaimed, epic family Sri Lankan saga? Nothing, that's what. Plus, this would have the added benefit of getting books out of my house and money in my pocket, so you'd be giving me two gifts at once as well. Three presents for the price of one -- can't beat that!

So for a limited time only (from now until December 15th), I'd be pleased to sell a hardcover copy of Bodies in Motion to you for a mere $10 + shipping ($3 U.S., $5 international). If interested, please drop me a line with the details of how many you want, how they should be inscribed, and where to send 'em.

Also for sale, The Poet's Journey, for a mere $10 as well! That's two bucks off the Amazon price, plus, did we mention, signed and personalized to your desires? What little munchkin or aspiring poet in your life wouldn't love a story of poets, princes, dragons, unicorns, talking animals and wise old trees? Plus, the pretty pictures, by the inimitable Kat Beyer!

And I even have a few copies of A Taste of Serendib for, you guessed it, $10! Signed! Personalized! With extra exclamation points!!! (Or none at all, if you prefer.) Learn how to make Sri Lankan curry powder, and all the delectable dishes that go with it. Appropriate for novice or experienced cooks, whether or not you love spicy food (although, I admit, the recipes taste better if you use a heavy hand with the chili powder).

Oh, so many fabulous books, only $10 each. Plus just $3 shipping ($10 international), no matter how many titles you order. What a deal!

But wait, there's more! Consider the special all-Mary Anne-all-the-time bonus package, in which you get, for a mere $75 + shipping:

  • Bodies in Motion (1)
  • The Poet's Journey (1)
  • A Taste of Serendib (1)
  • hand-crocheted scarf (adult or child-size) in the color of your choice (1), OR
  • amigurumi (animal-type to be agreed upon between us) (1)
Realistically speaking, I can only manage three of those before the holidays, I think, so e-mail quick if interested!

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