So far, using Gmail, I’m…

So far, using Gmail, I'm getting way less spam make it through than I did with the combination of Pair and Mail's spam filters. None, in fact. It's disconcerting -- I'm not used to having my Inbox be so empty, and I keep feeling like something must be wrong because I don't have a dozen new (mostly spam) messages every half hour. It's making me anxious and lonely. At least the spam loved me.

Until I adapt, if you feel like dropping me a real piece of e-mail, that'll help me train my spam filter now to make sure real mail comes through, and it'll also make me feel not quite so isolated. You can send messages to,,,, or the private address if you know it. If you send e-mail to Kavi at her address, she promises to respond, although she doesn't promise the response will be comprehensible.

Speaking of Kavya, as we come up on the holidays and various friends' kids' one-year-old birthdays, I'm thinking it's time to make up a Recommended Books and Toys for Ages 1-2 List. So expect that soon. (I may have to revise it multiple times to get it reasonably accurate, so once I post it, if you care, you might want to come back and refresh the page a little later in the week.)

Kavya, of course, already has her own Amazon Wish List, and wishes to note that she is happy to receive presents at any time, not just her birthday or Christmas. (Please note the age notes on the items; the castle, for example, is not until age 4.) We're actually having a bit of a hard time keeping her occupied -- as Kavi gets older and smarter, she's getting bored with tv, and with most of her existing toys. Plus, as it gets colder here, her parents are much less willing to go for long walks multiple times a day or hang out in freezing playgrounds. I just bought her a few more Melissa & Doug wood puzzles, which will hopefully help. Need to also research other options for winter entertainment with toddlers. We know about our library and bookstore storytimes, of course, but there are other things out there, I think.

Plan for today -- writing group at cafe, do some writing there as well, afternoon lots of grading, in the evening babysit for Celly (who takes Kavi on Th mornings right now). Probably should go do some grading now too.

Remember to set your clocks back!

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