So I finally broke down…

So I finally broke down and got a personal assistant. It still feels ridiculously decadent, given how little I make in a year, but the idea is that if I can outsource some of these tasks, I can then concentrate on actually making some more money with my writing. That's the theory, anyway. I'm going to take a third of that windfall payment from Wondertime and put it towards Simone's PA help, and see what the results are.

So far, she's:

  • made my bloodwork/ultrasound appts. and gotten my prescription refilled
  • ordered and picked up Ellie's annual supply of heartworm medicine
  • dealt with various overdue library book fees
  • picked up some tv for me at Blockbuster (yes, this feels particularly indulgent, but I was going to do it and it would have taken time away from work, so it's justifiable, right?)
  • agreed to go through my e-mail and try to pull out those tasks that either a) can be done quickly or b) are urgent
  • dropped off a variety of charity items, getting them finally out of my house
  • scheduled the long-overdue service for our car, and will take it in for that tomorrow
Our household to-do list is already cut in half, I think. Startling. Of course, most of the tasks that are left take a lot longer, but still. I like it.

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