I make a budget and…

I make a budget and immediately break it. But I just recently finally got Kavi a pair of Baby Legs, which I've been meaning to get for months and months, and I totally love them, and now wish I'd bought several last fall -- they would have been useful all fall/winter/spring. Would have been great when she was crawling to avoid rug burn on her little knees, and now that she's walking, they're much better than tights, since her feet are free to keep a good grip on the floor. Easier for diaper changes than pants or leggings, which should help with potty training too. And considering that she can wear baby legs from infancy through age four or so (something you can't say for any of her other clothes!), they would have been a wise investment. Hopefully they still will be, as she now owns half a dozen. The next baby shower, you know what I'm giving! (Although please note, based on the reviews, that some parents find them either too loose or too tight on their child -- if you're going to try them, try one pair first, and see what you think.)

Pictured below, Kavi in a secondhand dress (from Second Child, love it), gifted onesie (from aunty), and Marzipan Baby Legs.

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